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Shanghai Timeyears Co.,Ltd. set football-related products as the core project and it is an integrated mobile Internet corperation which has the capabilities of independent reseraching and product operating.We develop football games and also provide computer software design, installation and technical consulting services. Our team is composed of young,passionate,brave dreamers and Internet elites of which core members are from well-known Internet enterprises such as Shanda Group,Baidu and Alibaba.


Timeyears advocates happy working and aims to make the top football games in the world!

    • Values
    • Innovation,Concentration,Happiness and Pragmatism!
    • Business
    • We help customers to find the initial happiness. Always work for the customers'interests. Supply customers with satisfying service, pay close attention to customers'demands and create excellent prodcuts. Let our football products help more customers find the initial pure happiness!
    • Mgmt
    • Let employees realize their dreams! We will provide reasonable salary system,training mechanism,positive humanistic atmosphere and comfortable working environment for employees. Let employees grow together with our company to set a dream stage where employees'occupation ideals can be achieved.
    • Wish
    • Be the top football mobile game company in the world.
    • Duty
    • Make the world's top mobile football game.


Shanghai Timeyears Co.,Ltd. set football-related products as the core project and it is an integrated mobile Internet corperation which has the capabilities of independent reseraching and product operating.

  • 11-14 2016

    Art Engineer of Mobile Games



    1. Responsible for the management work of the Art Department in technology, personnel management, the schedule and quality of its work so as to smoothly accomplish the related tasks.

    2. Responsible for deciding and managing the overall style of the mobile games as well as reviewing its art materials.

    3. Ability to design independently and be responsible for major character and scene designs.

    4. Responsible for the handover and communication with the Planning Department and the Programming Development and making the work scheme of the Art Department as well as supervising the work on the project.

    5. Responsible for participating in the the audit and checking whether the final effects and quality of the products goes as designed.

    [Job Requirements]

    1. Bachelor degree or above in fine arts or other related discipline with great artistic abilities.

    2. At least 4 years’ experience of game UI designing and 1 year as an art engineer of mobile games.

    3. Participation in the whole process of at least 2 development projects of mobile games.

    4. With rich experience in creative practice and a profound skill of Arts , excellent art appreciation level and great game art appreciation ability,master the relevant design software

    5. General knowledge about the game industry: the significance of Arts, the planning and programming process so as to help in the collaborative development.

    6. Deep understanding on the game UI, interactive design and user experience and think about the game art design from many aspects

    7. Serious attitude towards work with a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

    8. Fine coordination and communication skills, executive capacity with the production team about the planning process.

    9. Football fans are preferred.


    Art Engineer of Mobile Games

  • Senior Test Engineer
    11-14 2016

    Senior Test Engineer



    1. Responsible for the interface automobile testing of the products on the server side and the test automation development in the games’function module.

    2. Responsible for providing the developers and testers with related tools and platforms to improve the working efficiency and quality.

    3. Responsible for the effective implement of the developing and testing works and giving advice for the ordinary engineers on their life and technology development.

    4. Responsible for communicating with the colleagues from the planning and development apartments and reporting their problems and advice.

    [Job Requirements]

    1. Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science or other related discipline.

    2. At least 2 years’ experience of development and testing, and the experience of white-box testing.

    3. Relevant working experience about the game-play and testing methods, your familiarity with the testing on the mobile platform like iPhone or Android is preferred.

    4. Familiarity with the Linux system, the MySql database, the programming language of java/C or C++, and at least one script language like Python, lua, shell, etc.

    5. Familiarity with the test process and specifications, relevant knowledge about the functional testing, performance testing, interface testing, unit testing, etc.

    6. Strong learning and technology study abilities, good awareness of quality and team spirit.

    7. Positive attitude towards work and strong executive ability to solve problems in a short time.

    8. Love for games and be careful enough to find detailed problems and design weakness in games.

    9. Football fans or lover for football games are preferred.

  • 11-14 2016

    Numerical Game Designer



    1. Design all the system and numerical formulas of relevant gameplay as well as adjust the balancing of numerical values;

    2. Construct the numerical model, adjust the balancing of some factors such as the levels of characters and the damage of game items;

    3. Take charge of the numerical design and balancing of economic system;

    4. Test the game repeatedly and modify the numerical configuration of each system to improve the game,

    5. Take charge of writing relevant data table and maintenance service.

    6. Take charge of the numerical analysis,tests and statistics of the online game

    7. Take charge of the acceptance of the tests related numerical values.

    [Job Requirements]

    1. At least 2 years' working experience in numerical game design of smartphone games and online games,

    2. Love games; have many years' experience in games, football fans are preferred,

    3. Strict ability to logical thinking and sensitive to number,

    4. Good psychological quality, patient and preserved to test a single numeric value over and over again for a long time,

    5. Depth study of the numerical structure of various types of games.

    6. Proficient in Office tools, familiar with mind mapping class software, skilled use of VBA, can produce numerical testing tools by your own.

    7.Rich experience about game playing, conclusions about game numerical formulas.

    8. Ability to compelete the tasks accurately and in detail with a low error rate.

    9. Positive attitude towards work and be self-motivated.


    Numerical Game Designer


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